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The Next Level of Peergame: Introducing 70+ New Games

The Next Level of Peergame: Introducing 70+ New Games It's about time... for the next level! We are very excited to introduce the new Peergame at its next level! Today marks the day of our launch of 70+ new games, including slots, Poker, multi-hand Blackjack, and much more. All of

Peergame 2021 Year in Review

Peergame 2021 Year in Review Time literally flew by. It just feels like a short while ago when we were writing a Year in Review for 2020, yet here we are already. The pandemic showed no interest in disappearing this year, and instead invited new friends with weird names to

PG Interview: Zatoshi

PG Interview: Zatoshi Now there is a familiar name we all know. Zatoshi is a man of many things: a businessman, a trader, an artist, an influencer, a giver of BSV, and also happens to be a gamer at Peergame. He has been one of the biggest high rollers at

Peergame Race New Point System

Peergame Race New Point System Peergame Race was created to provide our gamers with a fun and fair competition. It was designed in a way that required two inputs from our racers to win: Risk - Take risks and make a profit Effort - Spend time and play many games

Provable Fairness – Blackjack

Provable Fairness - Blackjack This blog post explains how the game results are randomly generated on Peergame Blackjack. In order to create a random order of cards, we first need a random number. We use the hash of two components, Daily Seed and Unique TDID, and Javascript seedrandom library to

Introduction to Blackjack

Introduction to Blackjack The long wait is over: the most requested game Blackjack finally arrives at Peergame! Blackjack is one of the most widely played card games around the world. With its simple rules, thrilling plays, and extremely low house edge, Blackjack attracts players from beginners to experts, and it

New Feature: Table Deposit

New Feature: Table Deposit Peergame is well-known for its unique payment system. We have built our entire casino on-chain, allowing us to run a non-custodial online casino, in which we never keep any of players' money unless it's in use to bet. Bets are placed directly from the player's wallet,

Why is Baccarat so popular?

Why is Baccarat so popular? Baccarat's popularity among gaming enthusiasts has been increasing drastically over the years. The game originated from Europe, and for the past few decades, it was mostly popular only in Asia, but it has been spreading worldwide year after year since. In Las Vegas, for example,

PG Interview: Rogerkver

PG Interview: Rogerkver If you have been competing in the Peergame Races, you are probably familiar with the user Rogerkver. He has been one of the most consistent gamers out there, placing himself in TOP 3 almost every Weekly Races and Daily Races for a couple of months now, steadily