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PG Interview: Rogerkver

PG Interview: Rogerkver

If you have been competing in the Peergame Races, you are probably familiar with the user Rogerkver. He has been one of the most consistent gamers out there, placing himself in TOP 3 almost every Weekly Races and Daily Races for a couple of months now, steadily accumulating Bitcoin through both his bets and the prizes.

Some gamers have asked, HOW? How does he play and what does he do to win the races ALL THE TIME? We, the Peergame team, were dead curious about that as well, and so we politely asked Rogerkver to do a short interview, which he generously accepted. Here are Rogerkver’s strategies, favorite games, and more:

1. Where are you from?

In one of the far corners of the earth.

2. Are you a professional gambler or do you just play for fun?

I have been banned from casinos for winning before, I used to count cards and that’s frowned upon. I’m not a professional gambler, but I do it for the sport from time to time. Peergame has become a bit of addiction since the races feature has come out… I like to finish on top of the ladder when I have time.

3. How long have you been gambling?

Oh, a very long time. These days I only play on Peergame, it’s the only thing out there with incredibly good odds for the customer.

4. Which games have you played on Peergame? What is your favorite game, and why?

I play on the wheel these days. Historically I played dice.

The guys at Peergame do a splendid job of knowing how to pull at the nerves of players. On Turtle Race, for example, they have turtle catch-up logic to make the finale nail-biting. On Wheel they have different brake strengths on the wheel for every spin. Sometimes the wheel overshoots and goes back a bit. Super clever from a marketing front. Speaking of marketing, that daily/weekly race thing you have going is a stroke of genius. I actually hadn’t played Peergame much until the race feature came out. I’m in it for the sport, I like to come first, and it’s actually not that difficult to do so. The odds are already very tight giving the house a slight edge. With the race’s bonus added in, it actually can become profitable for the player if they play smart.

5. What is your gambling strategy? Any secret moves or strategies?

I’ve only played with the money I am prepared to lose. Start with that.

On Peergame, I play my own little variation of the Martingale betting system. In short, you increase your bets every time you lose. With this system, you will most likely win many games, but if you lose, you will lose big. Peergame gives really good odds, so it makes my system a little more opportunistic than the traditional casino. I should also add, that I’ve looked into the betting algorithms, and I’ve stuck to bets that have higher probabilities than others. Not all bets are equal! 😉

6. Why did you choose to play at Peergame?

What’s there not to like? Instant payouts, instant bets, fast turnaround, great user experience….. and that race feature, I’m competitive.

7. What is your opinion on Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity after Jesus Christ. Yes, it’s actually better than sliced bread. I’ve performed BSV transactions in public that have awed crowds, created pools of drool, and created traffic chaos through bewilderment and amazement. I tell these people, don’t look at me as if I’ve done something incredible. All glory be to Satoshi.

8. Do you play at other casinos?

On a rare occasion these days. Casinos are designed to drain you of money. Peergame is of course also designed to be profitable for the house, but its odds are much more respectable to the customer.

9. Can we reveal your overall profit in the interview blog post? (You will stay anonymous)

Nuh, but you can tell me in private.

10. Do you have any new game suggestions or improvement suggestions on current games or features on Peergame?

Hell yeah. Get Blackjack happening ASAP. It’s the only thing missing. I promise I won’t count the cards.

11. Do you want to say anything to other players or to Peergame Team? (Please write this one in your native language if it’s okay).

There are real opportunities to win on Peergame, much more so than your average casino – by very notable margins actually.

But ONLY play with what you can afford to lose.

Play smart, and enjoy the speed of BSV.