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Peergame Race New Point System

Peergame Race New Point System

Peergame Race was created to provide our gamers with a fun and fair competition. It was designed in a way that required two inputs from our racers to win:

  1. Risk – Take risks and make a profit
  2. Effort – Spend time and play many games

To combine these two components, we came up with the current race point system: Points = (Profit) x [Sum of winning (multipliers -1)] x (100)

Currently, the race has become a ‘multiplier war’ in which racers take only a one-time, minor risk to earn a small profit(around 0.2~0.5 BSV) and then focus solely on playing thousands of rounds with a minimum bet amount to build up multipliers. This causes two problems:

  1. Building up multiplier is a boring and tedious repetitive work = No fun
  2. It is nearly impossible to outrun someone who played thousands of repeated game rounds to build a huge multiplier base, discouraging others to join the race = No intense competition

As a result, Peergame Race has become a rather silent race filled with repeated bets by racers to simply build up multipliers, always crowning the ones who had the most time to make the most bets.

New Race Point System

To address this issue, we made alterations to how the race points are calculated, which will take effect on Oct 19th, 2021, 9:00(GMT): Points = (Profit) x [Sum of winning ({multipliers -1} x {wagered amount:max0.01} x {100})] x (100)

Since those racers in the ‘multiplier war’ all bet with the minimum bet, we have changed the point system in a way that will give a higher multiplier to bigger wagers. The wagered amount will now be multiplied to the multiplier before being added to the sum, with 0.01 BSV being the maximum value.


(multipliers -1) x (wagered amount:max0.01) x (100)

Betting 0.0001 BSV on Dice with 2x multiplier = (2-1) x (0.0001) x (100) = 0.01 multiplier added

Betting 0.01 BSV on Dice with 2x multiplier = (2-1) x (0.01) x (100) = 1 multiplier added

Betting 1 BSV on Dice with 2x multiplier = (2-1) x (0.01) x (100) = 1 multiplier added

The multiplier added for 0.01 BSV and 1 BSV bets are equal, because the max value of wagered amount for calculating the multiplier for points is 0.01.

With the new point system, racers betting over 0.01 BSV will have up to 100x edge in building multipliers compared to those with smaller wagers. This will help balance the weights of risk and effort factors of the race more equally, providing a much more fun and fair competition for our gamers. Enjoy and always remember to play responsibly.