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PG Interview: Zatoshi

PG Interview: Zatoshi

Now there is a familiar name we all know.

Zatoshi is a man of many things: a businessman, a trader, an artist, an influencer, a giver of BSV, and also happens to be a gamer at Peergame. He has been one of the biggest high rollers at Peergame for quite some time, won our races countless times, and even co-hosted promotional events together with us. He is a great guy to work with, and it is always fun to watch him play – hell, we even got an avatar dedicated to the man!

Like in many things Zatoshi does, he proved himself to be an excellent gambler over time, and so we politely asked him to do a short interview, which he generously accepted. Here are Zatoshi’s strategies, favorite games, and more:

1. Where are you from?

I am from London, England.

2. Are you a professional gambler or do you just play for fun?

I gamble for fun and am definitely not a professional.

3. How long have you been gambling?

I’ve been gambling on and off for 13 years.

4. Which games have you played on Peergame? What is your favorite game, and why?

I’ve played every game on Peergame but I thoroughly enjoy Wheel, Dice, and Roulette

5. What is your gambling strategy? Any secret moves or strategies?

No secret strategies to be fair. However, on Dice, I always like to bet 1.3333x and build my position from there. Works well at times.

6. Why did you choose to play at Peergame?

I chose to play Peergame because it’s an amazing platform connected to the BSV blockchain. The simple ease in connecting your Handcash wallet makes it a win in my books!

7. What is your opinion on Bitcoin SV?

BSV is an amazing digital asset. It is still crazy to think most of us are early in this asset. Its upside potential is enormous over time. More and more businesses and people are starting to use it. Developers are building great things on top of it…. Peergame is one example!

8. Do you play at other casinos?

I do not play at other casinos.

9. Do you have any new game suggestions or improvement suggestions on current games or features on Peergame?

New game suggestions would be perhaps slots that seem to be quite popular around the world.

10. Do you want to say anything to other players or to Peergame Team? (Please write this one in your native language if it’s okay).

For anyone playing Peergame, especially new people, my advice is this. Remember to play and have fun. Don’t risk too much BSV to enjoy yourself. Start off small and slowly build. “When the Fun stops, you stop”