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The Next Level of Peergame: Introducing 70+ New Games

The Next Level of Peergame: Introducing 70+ New Games

It’s about time… for the next level!

We are very excited to introduce the new Peergame at its next level! Today marks the day of our launch of 70+ new games, including slots, Poker, multi-hand Blackjack, and much more.

All of the new games can be played with BSV, thanks to the introduction of our new feature, Game Deposit. Game deposit works just like our table deposit feature, except that its deposit can be used across all new games + our original Blackjack on Peergame.

What is Game Deposit

Game deposit is the amount a gamer temporarily deposits in Peergame for faster, uninterrupted game progress. Gamers can add more BSV to the game deposit amount at any time and can withdraw the game deposit balance back to their wallets at any time.

You can think of game deposits like casino chips at an offline Blackjack table. You sit down and exchange your cash(BSV in your wallet) for chips(game deposit balance). After you are done playing, you take your chips(game deposit balance) and exchange them back to cash(BSV withdrawal back to your wallet).

Why we need Game Deposit

Like Blackjack, a lot of the new games introduced require multiple bets to be made in a single round in certain situations, like Poker and Slots. In these situations, it is crucial that we provide a smooth, frictionless betting experience that does not get interrupted whatsoever. In order to do so, we need a game deposit.

Say you placed a bet in Blackjack and received 2 A’s and now you want to split. But all of a sudden, Money Button/HandCash is going through maintenance and won’t allow any transactions to be made, or you encounter a speed limit and have to wait for the new block to be mined on the blockchain. In order to prevent these kinds of frustrating interruptions while playing, we have implemented a game deposit system.

And now… introducing our 70+ New Games!!


We have added 52 new slot games. All slots have their own themes and flashy animations for entertainment. Get on your favorite slot and aim for the Jackpot!

Table Games

We have added 19 Table Games to Peergame. These include Blackjack, Poker, Hilo, Roulette, SicBo, and many more! Play your favorite casino games any time on Peergame!

Casual Games

We have added 5 new Casual Games. These include Crash, Minesweeper, Plinko, and more! Want to take a break from cards and slots? Get on Casual Games, cool off, and WIN!

Hope all gamers enjoy the next level of Peergame!

And as always, remember to play responsibly.