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Peergame 2021 Year in Review

Peergame 2021 Year in Review

Time literally flew by. It just feels like a short while ago when we were writing a Year in Review for 2020, yet here we are already. The pandemic showed no interest in disappearing this year, and instead invited new friends with weird names to ruin more of our days. But humans are adaptive animals; we got used to this abnormal situation(which is now totally normal) and we moved on with our lives.

In 2021, we just continued on from 2020 to strive hard to create the most fun, most fair, and most unique casino gaming experience for all of our gamers and friends. The challenges were still there as always, but as we matured over time running the business for the past year, we grew in our own ways in handling the beast that is on-chain gaming.

A lot happened on Peergame this year: we finally added the most requested games, Blackjack and Roulette, as well as the first-ever PvP game, Coin Battles. PGP was introduced and many of our gamers joined the prestigious #1PGPClub to enjoy the perks. Many new gamers joined the fun, and hundreds of new partners joined our journey. We were featured in NFTs and interviews and formed many new partnerships.

2021 was overall a successful year for us. The growth in numbers speaks for itself. We want to sincerely thank everyone who has been with us to enjoy Peergame and watch us grow step-by-step. We promise that we will continue to do our best to build and provide the best gaming experience possible. We wish every gamer the best of luck, happiness, and health in 2022, and always remember to play responsibly. Happy New Year!