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Interview with Casinos Cryptos

Interview with Casinos Cryptos We were recently approached by the Casinos Cryptos team for a short interview. We absolutely liked what they are doing with their site and really appreciated their generous and honest review of us, so we happily accepted and were excited to do the following interview.  

Introducing The Very First Peer Vs Peer (PvP) Peergame

Introducing The Very First Peer Vs Peer (PvP) Peergame Peergame is just getting started!! As promised to our dear community, we have whipped it up: proudly introducing our very first Peer vs Peer (PvP) game, Coin Battles! Coin Battles is a simple PvP game where 2 gamers make an equal

The Best Cryptocurrency for Gambling and Why

The Best Cryptocurrency for Gambling and Why In recent years, cryptocurrency has become an irreplaceable part of the online gambling industry. Giving up credit card information to play at online casinos is an uncomfortable situation to many, and crypto gave them an alternative that was fast and easy with much

Peergame Story

Peergame Story Satoshi Dice In 2012, a guy named Eric Voorhees launched, the first-ever Bitcoin-based gambling site. In fact, SatoshiDice was the first “Killer app” of Bitcoin that worked. Tens of thousands of early Bitcoin adopters bet an enormous amount of bitcoins. At one point, SatoshiDice alone was responsible for

New look & features at Peergame!

New look & features at Peergame! Can't believe it is already the third month of 2021! Winter is coming to its end and Spring is shining upon us. And coincidentally, we at Peergame have prepared a fresh new look and fresh new features for our gamers just in time with

Introduction to Roulette

Introduction to Roulette The long wait is over: Roulette has finally arrived at Peergame. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the history of gambling. Although the game itself is very simple and straightforward, Roulette can appear complicated and difficult for beginners due to the variety of

Law of Large Numbers

Law of Large Numbers When you are playing Ladder on Peergame, how do you decide which side to bet? Did you ever make a decision based on the statistics? Which side are you most likely to bet on if the statistics showed the results below?   You probably would want

Peergame Affiliate Partners Official Launch

Peergame Affiliate Partners Official Launch Hello Partners! After a month of closed beta, Peergame Affiliate Partners is finally launching officially today. The affiliate program will now be opened up to everyone who wishes to partner up with us! Originally, we were going to have a similar screening process we had

Peergame 2020 Year in Review

Peergame 2020 Year in Review     To put it lightly, 2020 has been one heck of a brutal year for the world. An unprecedented pandemic outbreak changed our lives entirely, what was normal no longer was, and what we only thought of became reality. Peergame is now only about