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New Feature: Table Deposit

New Feature: Table Deposit

Peergame is well-known for its unique payment system. We have built our entire casino on-chain, allowing us to run a non-custodial online casino, in which we never keep any of players’ money unless it’s in use to bet. Bets are placed directly from the player’s wallet, and winnings are paid out directly to the player’s wallet. This allowed us to achieve a unique system of ‘No Deposit, No Withdrawal’, giving users full control over their money at all times.

With the launch of Blackjack, we are introducing something called ‘table deposit’, which is basically a ‘temporary deposit’ that will allow our gamers to enjoy a much faster, speed-limit-free, on-chain gaming experience.


What is Table Deposit?

Table deposit is the amount a gamer temporarily deposits in Peergame for faster, uninterrupted game progress. Gamers can add more BSV to the table deposit amount at any time and can withdraw the table deposit balance back to their wallets at any time.

You can think of table deposits like casino chips at an offline Blackjack table. You sit down and exchange your cash(BSV in your wallet) for chips(table deposit balance). After you are done playing, you take your chips(table deposit balance) and exchange them back to cash(BSV withdrawal back to your wallet).


Why We Implemented Table Deposit

Unlike other games at Peergame, Blackjack requires a ‘table deposit’ to play. All other games are round-based, which ends with a single initial bet. However, Blackjack requires multiple bets to be made in a single round in certain situations, such as doubling down, insurance, or splitting, which is why a table deposit is necessary. The same necessity will apply to other games that require multiple bets, such as Poker, when they are launched in the future.

Say you placed a bet and received 2 A’s and now you want to split. But all of a sudden, Money Button/HandCash is going through maintenance and won’t allow any transactions to be made, or you encounter a speed limit and have to wait for the new block to be mined on the blockchain. In order to prevent these kinds of frustrating interruptions while playing, we have implemented a table deposit system.


Creating Tx for Table Deposit Plays on the BSV Blockchain

Just like how we create an individual transaction on the BSV blockchain for every gamer’s bet with PGP for record-keeping + ultimate transparency, we are doing the same for table deposit bets. For every hand and every side bet, an individual transaction will be created for immutable proof-of-play for both wagers and winning payouts. So in Blackjack, up to 8 transactions can be made per round (wager and winning payouts for 2 split hands + 2 side bets). The TxIDs for your plays can be found on your Game History page under My Account.


Peergame and Table Deposit

We had thought and discussed a lot about bringing out a table deposit system, which ‘temporarily’ contradicts our hassle-free experience of ‘no deposit, instant payout’. However, we had to accept the fact that the instant payout system has limitations in certain situations, and that some sort of deposit was necessary to provide the best gaming experience for certain games.

We consider table deposit to lie somewhere in between a deposit system and no deposit system. With table deposit, we are providing a permission-less deposit and withdrawal system, in which anyone can deposit and withdraw their money whenever they desire, and even automatically withdraw the balance back to the gamers’ wallets for them when they forgot to withdraw themselves.

We are planning to utilize our table deposit system, when necessary, for many exciting upcoming launches. So please be on the lookout for those, and in the meantime, please enjoy our finest launch of Blackjack.

Always remember to play responsibly. Good luck!