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PG Interview: Optima888, the Best Blackjack Player Since the Launch

PG Interview: Optima888, the Best Blackjack Player Since the Launch

With the launch of Blackjack on August 31st came many new faces joining the fun at Peergame. Of those new faces, one definitely stood out the most:

Optima888. He was the most profiting gamer in both Blackjack Weekly Races, generating 67 BSV profit in the first week, then 56 BSV in the second, adding up to around a whooping $20k WIN in just 2 weeks!


To share Optima888’s success story in Blackjack, we politely asked him to do a short interview, which he generously accepted. Here are Optima888’s strategies, favorite games, and more:

  • Where are you from?

Born in Glasgow. Love traveling, have fallen in love with Montenegro this summer

  • Are you a professional gambler or do you just play for fun?

I play just for fun

  • How long have you been gambling?

For about 25 years

  • Which games have you played on Peergame? What is your favorite game, and why?

Blackjack & Baccarat. Blackjack has much better UX. Baccarat, I like to see trends more.

  • What is your gambling strategy? Any secret moves or strategies?

No secret. Just win!

  • Why did you choose to play at Peergame?

Love all things BSV

  • What is your opinion on Bitcoin SV?

BSV scales & works

  • Do you play at other casinos?


  • Do you have any new game suggestions or improvement suggestions on current games or features on Peergame?

Double down after split should be introduced. Also, the dealer should not hit soft 17.