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Why Over 250 Partners Joined Peergame Affiliate Partners Program

Why Over 250 Partners Joined Peergame Affiliate Partners Program

In less than 4 months, Peergame Affiliate Partners program attracted over 250 partners(yay). Over time, there were many different adjectives partners used to describe our program: easy, simple, unique, transparent, and instant are just the tip of the iceberg. To all those potential partners out there who have yet to join us on this journey, we want to emphasize once more what we are offering that is different and simply better than others. Here is a brief overview of what makes Peergame’s affiliate partners program unique and better than others.


Real-Time Instant Commission Payouts

Made possible thanks to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, Peergame offers real-time payouts. Affiliates, in general, have gotten way too used to casinos requiring partners to reach a certain level of revenue for the casino, which sometimes are ridiculously high amounts, and then to request a withdrawal, which sometimes takes a ridiculously long period of time. At Peergame, partners receive their commissions immediately as their referred users play on Peergame, in real-time, right into their own private wallets. We have removed the unnecessary steps of requesting and waiting for withdrawal, and added the pure joy of watching your wallet balance grow fatter and fatter instantly in real-time!


Wager-share, Not Revenue-share

Most casinos calculate partners’ commissions based on the revenue they bring in. This results in 0 commissions when a referral beats the house, leaving partners poor and sad. This will never happen with our program because we calculate partners’ commissions based on the wagered amount of their referrals. So as long as there are referrals playing with us, that partner is guaranteed a lifetime of steady profits, regardless of referral winning or losing.


Crystal-Clear Transparency

Peergame is all about being fair and transparent. Since our games are all on-chain, every wager on Peergame is an individual transaction that is recorded immutably on the BSV blockchain. Therefore, there is no room for any kind of manipulation, as all wagers are publicly recorded for any partners to check. We also provide a convenient dashboard for our partners to easily oversee all transactions, as well as their campaigns and activities. No other casinos are as transparent as we are, and we heavily take pride in our fairness and transparency.


How to Become a Partner

To become our partner, simply fill out a registration form at The registration form only asks for the following: name, e-mail address, and source of traffic. Once you are approved, you can start inviting your peers and begin a lifetime of profits right away!


Partner Up Today!

We feel very fortunate to be joined by so many partners already on this journey together. We sincerely hope that more partners will join us in the coming days and experience a better program with a better system, better commissions, and better transparency. Thanks again to all our current partners, and to our future partners, see you soon!