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Peergame Points(PGP) has launched on Peergame. But really what is it though? Basically, it’s the ultimate thing for our dear gamers and community, from cashback, rewards, prizes, to gifts and giveaways. Let’s find out more.

What is PGP?

PGP is essentially BSV. Here is a list of basic facts you need to know in order to understand what PGP is:

  • 1 PGP = 1 BSV
  • PGP can be used for two things:
    • Playing games
    • Holding for benefits
  • You will now have the option to play with either your BSV or PGP
  • Bet with PGP, you will receive winning payouts in BSV to your wallet
  • New features and events will launch that greatly benefit gamers who hold PGP

So basically, PGP is BSV used on Peergame. All winning payouts are in BSV, whether you bet with BSV or PGP. So then how do you earn PGP?


How to earn PGP

  1. Cashback: The simplest way to earn PGP is just by playing on Peergame. Does not matter if you win or lose, cashback to all of your wagers will be made in PGP. CASHBACK BASED ON WAGER, NOT LOSS! Also, even if you bet with PGP, you will receive the same cashback as betting with BSV! So once you start playing on Peergame, there is really no way your balance could go to 0 because you will always receive PGP for every bet you make. (Cashback rate: wager * house edge 1% * 3%)
  2. Promotional Events: Some events’ rewards and prizes will be paid in PGP.
  3. Giveaways: We will be hosting various PGP giveaways, so be on the lookout!
  4. Welcome Package: We will be launching our first official Welcome Package for new gamers soon, which will contain PGP and other gifts.

Fun facts about PGP

  1. We have been secretly stacking up cashback in PGP for all gamers who have been playing since March 10th! Really appreciate each and every one of you who played and had fun, and hope you enjoy more with PGP!
  2. We at Peergame will create individual transactions on the BSV blockchain for all PGP plays for record-keeping, so that there is immutable evidence of every PGP plays on the BSV blockchain for clear transparency and proof of play.
  3. The game experience will be much faster and smoother with PGP