In 2012, a guy named Eric Voorhees launched, the first-ever Bitcoin-based gambling site. In fact, SatoshiDice was the first “Killer app” of Bitcoin that worked. Tens of thousands of early Bitcoin adopters bet an enormous amount of bitcoins. At one point, SatoshiDice alone was responsible for more than 50% of the daily network volume on the Bitcoin blockchain.

SatoshiDice showed that the Bitcoin app could provide a much better user experience than traditional internet services. It didn’t require registration, deposit, or withdrawal process to play the game. People could visit the site and scan the QR code to make a transaction and get the reward instantly back to their wallets. It was fast and cheap. It allowed users to control their data and money.

SatoshiDice was more than just a gambling site. It introduced the post-Bitcoin internet, where users control their data and money via the Bitcoin database, and services are linked to that database. This meant that Bitcoin apps, which are independently built from all over the world, can form a giant economic network where every app is inter-connected. Centralized and silo’ed architecture of identity and money was a thing of the past.