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Introducing The Very First Peer Vs Peer (PvP) Peergame

Introducing The Very First Peer Vs Peer (PvP) Peergame

Peergame is just getting started!!

As promised to our dear community, we have whipped it up: proudly introducing our very first Peer vs Peer (PvP) game, Coin Battles!

Coin Battles is a simple PvP game where 2 gamers make an equal bet on opposing sides of a coin flip and the winner takes it all. To play Coin Battles, you need to either create a battle or join an existing one. As soon as the second gamer joins the game, the round starts and the winner is determined!


Useful Tips

There is no limit to the number of rooms you can create; however, be aware that once you create a room, you cannot undo it. You have to either wait for someone to play against you, or there is an option to ‘call a bot,’ which will call Peergame bot to play against you.

Also, note that in order to get the full experience of Coin Battles, you must use HandCash. Money Button wallet can create room to play with others or call a bot, but cannot join rooms created by others.


Invite Player

There is a function called ‘Invite Player,’ which can be found on the game page. If you click it, it will copy a link to your clipboard. Share that link with your peers, and when your peers click on it, it will take them to the game page with only your battles filtered to be visible so they can battle you right away!


Top Players

Top players list is a leaderboard for Coin Battles, which will display the Top 10 most profiting gamers of all times on Coin Battles, along with your overall profit. There are no prizes allocated for the leaderboard, but we will spontaneously host special events around it, so be sure to stay on top at all times!


Special Events

And of course, to celebrate the successful launch, we have prepared massive events with massive rewards and prizes! Make sure to check out our promotions page, and also follow us on Twitter for special events there as well!

We are very excited to launch Coin Battles and to see our peers have fun playing against one another. This is just another beginning for Peergame; more fun and exciting additions are following soon, so buckle up! And always remember to play responsibly!

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