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The Best Cryptocurrency for Gambling and Why

The Best Cryptocurrency for Gambling and Why

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become an irreplaceable part of the online gambling industry. Giving up credit card information to play at online casinos is an uncomfortable situation to many, and crypto gave them an alternative that was fast and easy with much more anonymity. It was a game-changer, and many casinos quickly adapted to the new system and began to accept cryptocurrency. Despite its revolutionary entrance into the industry, however, crypto started to lose its core benefits as the market matured, one of them being the easy transfer of money with low fees. Most well-known cryptos, like BTC and ETH, are widely accepted among many casinos, yet their fees continue to reach all-time highs, denying players with smaller assets in cryptos to even transfer their own money to play.

Bitcoin SV(BSV) has a solution to this issue + it provides much more advantages and values to the online gambling industry. Due to its huge blocksize, BSV can easily process over 1000 tps, while BTC merely handles 7 tps, which allows fees to become so small that it is negligible. Fees on BSV transactions are about 1/100th of a cent, while BTC fees range from $10~25. The extremely low fees make small bets and trades become possible and practical, giving all types of players a chance to play and join the fun.

BSV also makes non-custodial casinos possible. Every online casino requires money to be moved from the user’s custody to the casino’s custody in order to make bets and play. However, that is not the case with BSV casinos, in which money can move directly from the user’s custody to the bet. This is made possible thanks to BSV’s zero-confirmation system. BSV transactions can be made at zero confirmation, allowing the transfer of money to instantly happen within seconds. BTC normally requires six confirmations, which sometimes take hours or even days, depending on the amount of fee you are willing to pay. With this advantage, the user experience is utterly amazing and revolutionary, as players can play whenever and however much they want, without having to tie up their money on the platform.

Lastly, the combination of low fees and zero-confirmation instant play brings in a very crucial value that casinos really need. Since these traits allow BSV casinos to run a non-custodial platform, players play from their own wallets, making every wager and winning reward payout an individual transaction immutably recorded on the blockchain. This gives BSV casinos a huge edge over other casinos in transparency. Anyone can check any plays using the block explorer; plus, details of the bet are also recorded within the transaction, such as game and player’s pick, allowing no room for any alteration nor manipulation.

Just by looking at these few traits, it is clear that BSV is very useful crypto and a perfect fit for the online gambling industry. It allows casinos to provide unparalleled user experiences that were not possible in the past: full custody and control over one’s money, instant winning payouts, and crystal-clear transparency. Peergame is the world’s first and most trusted BSV casino, generating more BSV transactions than any other apps on the network. Try out the amazing user experience of Peergame today, made possible thanks to BSV. And always remember to play responsibly.