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PG Interview: Peer’ACE’, the Most Profitable Gamer in PG History

Peer’ACE’, the Most Profitable Gamer in PG History

Throughout the years, we have witnessed many great gamers make great profits from playing at Peergame. Some of them even got us worried that they might make us go bankrupt from time to time, for real. But none of them could rival ‘Peerace’, currently the most profitable gamer in PG history. To transparently share Ace’s success story and our situation regarding it through this blog post, we politely asked Ace to do a short interview, which Ace generously accepted.

To first answer the question that everybody is probably most curious about, how much did Ace actually make?

Up until today, April 6th, 2021, Ace profited 613.22 BSV, which is equal to $153,614. What is more interesting is that Ace did not play much until March 15th; Ace played for only 3 days and was actually down 1.47 BSV prior to March. In less than a 1 month period, Ace generated 614.69 BSV profit from playing at Peergame. And of those profits, Ace made 367.71 BSV in just one day… utterly amazing! ( These profits are not including event rewards like Peergame Races and Free Bitcoin Event? )


Peerace’s profit in last 7 days


Now, here is a short interview we did with ‘Peerace’ where we asked about things like his favorite game and strategies. Please keep in mind that we have made some minor edits as Ace is not a native English speaker.

PG: Which games do you play on Peergame? What is your favorite game, and why?

Ace: I’ve played all of them, including Bitto. My favorite game is Coin Flip, and I like to play games with a winning probability of about 50%. It’s easy(to play) and because Coin Flip is fast enough to play multiple times in a short period of time.

PG: What is your gambling strategy? Any secrets?

Ace: When you win, keep betting big.

PG: Why did you choose to play at Peergame?

Ace: It’s simple, it’s safe, and I’ve been watching BSV. Maybe the first big development of BSV will come from gaming.

PG: Do you play at other casinos?

Ace: I used to play on few websites, all of which were live video Baccarat.

PG: Can we reveal your overall profit in the interview blog post? (You will stay anonymous)

Ace: Yes. I’d also like to know exactly how much I made.

PG: Do you have any new game suggestions or improvement suggestions on current games or features on Peergame?

Ace: Add a previous result board to every game, like Baccarat. Previous results can greatly encourage players to start betting on the next hand.

We really wanted to do this short interview with Ace, because honestly, we could not believe what we were seeing. Days of winning vs days of losing are close to 50-50 for most gamers. However, out of the 26 days that Ace played on Peergame, Ace only lost money on 2 days. And when Ace made money, Ace made sure it was A LOT…! We have watched many gamers take away home huge profits, but never like this. Even us, the Peergame team, always go through a rigorous and long testing period before launching anything, and nobody ever gets close to that lucky(lol).

Due to Ace’s incredible activities, our Coin Flip bankroll has reduced to a level where we had to adjust the max payout to 2 BSV today. And quite frankly, we are kinda scared that Ace might do the same to other games. After all, Ace made 139.78 of his BSV profit from Dice…!

Recent events got us thinking and re-evaluating Peergame and our system in place. Every system has flaws and weak spots; and with our current system of instant payouts, we wouldn’t be able to stop those who worked around those spots and rig the fair system(we are NOT claiming that Ace is one of those people!! We have checked and have reasons to believe Ace is playing fair and square. We are just saying it could happen). However, after having long discussions with the team, we came to this conclusion and we believe we always will: that instant payout is just better; that giving our gamers the freedom and control over their money is just the right thing to do. Our goal has always been to provide the most fun with the best user experience possible, full transparency, and provably fairness. And we strongly believe that instant payout is a very crucial part to reach our goal.

We have gained many insights and information from these recent experiences. We will use them to continue to build on what we have, and better Peergame into something more and more people can enjoy. We want to once again thank ‘Peerace’ for accepting to do an interview with us for this blog post. Ace is the living proof that the right combination of luck+fair gaming can lead to beating the house… BIG TIME! We wish every gamer, including(especially) us Peergame, a very lucky day, and always remember to play responsibly!