Hello Partners!

After a month of closed beta, Peergame Affiliate Partners is finally launching officially today. The affiliate program will now be opened up to everyone who wishes to partner up with us!

Originally, we were going to have a similar screening process we had during the closed beta, but instead, we have decided to minimize the screening process as much as possible, so that everyone can try out our program and refer peers around them. This decision was made because our team, and some of our closed beta users all agreed that the experience of seeing their BSV wallets grow by the seconds in real-time was truly an exhilarating experience, and we wanted to share that with as many people in our community as possible.

To give you some pointers about our program, we have designed and developed our affiliate program to blend in well with the personalities and colors of Peergame, and so just like how Peergame differs from other online casinos in many crucial ways, so is our affiliate program.

Real-time Instant Payouts

As we are known and loved for our ‘no deposit, no withdrawal’ and ‘instant payout,’ we wanted our dear affiliate partners to have a similar experience. So we are offering real-time instant payouts of commissions to affiliates that require no withdrawal process.

Affiliates simply have to connect their own paymail address to our platform and refer players. That is literally all they have to do. Then, as referees play on Peergame, commissions will automatically be deposited into the connected paymail address in real-time. This system will allow our affiliates to enjoy watching their own pockets grow by seconds without any unnecessary hassle.

Wager-Share Commissions

The way we calculate affiliate commissions is also different from other regular affiliate programs. Most casinos calculate commissions based on revenue, which results in 0 if the referees beat the house. If there is a negative carryover, an affiliate might make no profits for a long time. That is not the case with us, because we calculate commissions for our affiliates based on the wager, not revenue(wager*house edge*commission rate).

A wager-share will guarantee our affiliates a life-time of steady profits as long as they have referees playing with us, without the unnecessary worry over negative carryover or referees beating the house.

Personal Dashboard

Peergame is all about being fair and transparent. Since our games are all on-chain, every wager on Peergame is an individual transaction that is recorded immutably on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. And these transactions, along with many other useful tools and information, will be transparently displayed on the dashboard we have developed to provide for all of our affiliates.