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Dice to Finally Meet You!

Dice to Finally Meet You! Gamers, let's get rolling! We proudly present our newest addition to Peergame, Dice. To celebrate the launch, we are spicing it up with Dice special daily quest. Simply come, roll, and get rewards! Event Guide [Play Event] Every day, the

Crypto Casino: The future of gaming

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, a new way of gambling is also emerging and gaining immense popularity. The transparency of blockchain technology makes the crypto casino easier and convenient. The old way of gambling looking at the spinning wheel praying for luck now seems to

Get Ready to Spin the Wheel of Wishes!

Blockchain is a neutral database. People in the cryptocurrency world tend to emphasize its distributed nature over neutrality. In computer science, distribution is merely a technical means to enhance or measure the robustness and resilience of a system or network. The number of nodes has